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Get out on the water…Confidently.

Seattle Seafaring Institute is the low-anxiety training resource that will empower you to get out on your sailboat or powerboat with the confidence you need for safe and enjoyable boating.


Boat maneuvering and handling


Situational awareness and boat safety


Systems and equipment


Navigation and route planning


Large and small boats


Sail and power

Our Approach

Our approach is what sets us apart.

We offer straightforward, step by step, no-nonsense instruction with an emphasis on reducing anxiety. We understand that mastering your new boat, with all its complex systems and options, may seem daunting at first. We instill confidence by sharing tried and tested techniques in bite size pieces – after all, it’s only the unknown that creates hesitation. We can help you overcome your hesitancy and feel truly empowered to command your yacht on your own, and provide you tools to handle any situation safely and calmly.

We Train 7 Days A Week

We know boating isn’t your full time job. However it is ours! Training is available during the week or on weekends to accomodate your schedule.


Topic Courses

Use these mini courses to brush up or deepen your boating skills. It’s all you!

Insurance Certificate

Satisfy your insurance company’s requirements or reduce your rates.

Couples Training

Train together and save money! Learn to work together to master your boat.

Gear Consulting

The options are endless. Learn what gear you really need for your boat.

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Approved Program for Insurance

Many insurance companies today are requiring training in order to obtain insurance or best rates. Seattle Seafaring Institute is approved for this training and will provide you a detailed letter outlining the training you’ve received that will go on file with your insurance company.


Close quarters docking


Systems Management and Maintenance


Navigation in the Pacific Northwest


Anchoring best practices


“Capt. Trevor’s training allows students to be hands on and fully engaged. He is patient, experienced, and very knowledgeable. We gained valuable experience quickly in order to take delivery of our first boat.”

Jann Kelliher, Beneteau 45 sailing yacht

“Trevor was recommended to us by our boat broker, which immediately gave us a lot of confidence in his ability. We were not disappointed. Trevor was thorough and patient and had a well-developed approach (with checklists) that really helped us learn quickly. He was great at engaging with and involving our entire family, including our two teenagers. He had us practice docking and un-docking several times — the most stressful part of learning to boat — and was calm and steady throughout, which inspired our own confidence as we learned. We could not recommend Trevor more strongly.”

Ryan Kelly, Navigator 53 motor yacht

“An excellent skipper. Trevor holds a USCG 100 ton near coastal license, and has excellent experience as a training skipper, as well as deliveries up and down the West Coast.”

Peter Ricks, NOVAMAR Insurance Group

“I send all my boat clients to Trevor. I know he’ll take care of them. No one else gives me an efficiency letter like Trevor.”

Gary Clausen, Twin Rivers Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will I Be Training With?

You will be training with either Captain Trevor or one of a handful of carefully vetted captains with Coast Guard captains certifications. See our captains.

Who's Boat Do We Train on?

Ideally, lessons should be on your own boat. Every boat has different controls, systems, engines, etc. so training is always better on your own vessel. However, if you do not yet have your boat, lessons can be arranged on a sailing Catalina 380 or a power Legacy 40. 

Can My Spouse and I Learn Together?

Yes! We encourage this. 

I Know How to Drive My Boat. Why Do I Need Training?

Many people know the basics of boat handling, but may need training in other aspects of boat ownership. Examples include:

  • Using your navigation system to it's fullest 
  • Navigating the Northwest
  • Understanding my boat's systems
  • Outfitting my boat with the right gear
  • Emergency training
  • Power management
  • Voyage planning
  • Getting ready for cruising
How Many Hours Do I Need to Get My Insurance Letter?

That depends on your experience and your insurance company. Generally it takes between 30-40 hours to obtain the competency for the insurance letter. 

I Just Need a Little Help. Can I Just Hire You For a Few Hours?

Absolutely! The whole point of Seattle Seafaring Institute is to allow you to master your boat! You can have as many hours as you need to feel comfortable and competent on your own boat. The minimum time for private lessons is 2 hours. 

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