Mini Courses

Our Mini Courses

Sample our training techniques or fill in a skill deficit with a short mini-course. 


Close Quarters Maneuvering

This course is designed to empower you to put your boat wherever you want it to go, regardless of size. Tight docking, crowded conditions, wind conditions, etc. Feel confident about your boat handing today. 4 hours.



Navigation systems are vitally important to boat safety and enjoyment. This course covers navigating in inclement weather with limited visibility, situational awareness, collision avoidance, and route planning. Includes radar training, AIS, and VHF radio communications. 3 hours.


De-Mystifying the San Juans

Visiting the San Juans is the end goal of many Pacific Northwest boaters. Learn the three routes to the San Juans, learn the myriad fantastic anchorage options and master the complex local conditions. 3 hours.



Outfitting your boat for Offshore

Offshore needs are not a one-size fits all solution. This course will help to define your goals based on your boat, your boating style and your destination. This course will cover the bare minimum requirements to outfitting your boat with more self-sustaining gear needed further afield. 3 hours.



Anchoring is your ticket to freedom! It’s not the sexiest topic, but surprisingly few boaters know the fundamentals of anchoring safely and confidently. This course covers site selection, scope, depth, position, bottom condition, and close quarter anchoring etiquette.   6 hours. 


Reading Tides & Currents

Master your chart reading. Know when you need to consider current as part of your navigation planning. Understanding why current can be heading north in one location while simultaneously running south in another. 3 hours.


San Juans for Beginners

Learn Captain Trevor’s itinerary for your first time in the San Juans. This course covers Trevor’s “must see” locations and gives you step by step instructions on where to go, safety details and helpful tips.  3.5 hours. 


Safety Equipment

All the safety equipment you really need for local boating, San Juans boating, off-shore boating. Discuss the difference choices, brands and pricing.
3 hours.


Finding the “Right Hull”

The right boat is an intensely private decision and depends how you want to use your boat, where you want to use your boat, how many people are in your family, your lifestyle, your budget, and myriad more factors too numerous to list. This is a one-on-one session with Captain Trevor to help you narrow down which boats should be on your radar and what budget you should be reaching before you’re ready to purchase. Hours depending on project

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