Custom Training

We are here for you.

Every boater has different experiences and training.

Our philosophy is we want each and every boater who comes through Seattle Seafaring Institute to hit the water with just the right amount of training. We don’t want to waste your time and money with training you don’t need.

So if you’re not sure whether you want the “full works” or just a few mini courses, just call us and ask! If you don’t see what you’re looking for on these pages, let us know. We’ll be honest and upfront with you if we can provide what you’re looking for and if not, chances are we have a recommendation where you can find just what you need.


Who Will I Be Training With?

You will be training with either Captain Trevor or one of a handful of carefully vetted captains with Coast Guard captains certifications. See our captains.

Who's Boat Do We Train on?

Ideally, lessons should be on your own boat. Every boat has different controls, systems, engines, etc. so training is always better on your own vessel. However, if you do not yet have your boat, lessons can be arranged on a sailing Catalina 380 or a power Legacy 40. 

Can My Spouse and I Learn Together?

Yes! We encourage this. 

I Know How to Drive My Boat. Why Do I Need Training?

Many people know the basics of boat handling, but may need training in other aspects of boat ownership. Examples include:

  • Using your navigation system to it's fullest 
  • Navigating the Northwest
  • Understanding my boat's systems
  • Outfitting my boat with the right gear
  • Emergency training
  • Power management
  • Voyage planning
  • Getting ready for cruising
How Many Hours Do I Need to Get My Insurance Letter?

That depends on your experience and your insurance company. Generally it takes between 30-40 hours to obtain the competency for the insurance letter. 

I Just Need a Little Help. Can I Just Hire You For a Few Hours?

Absolutely! The whole point of Seattle Seafaring Institute is to allow you to master your boat! You can have as many hours as you need to feel comfortable and competent on your own boat. The minimum time for private lessons is 2 hours. 

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