Our Philosphy

Seattle Seafaring Institute is a Pacific Northwest based boat training organization dedicated to making our clients masters of their own boats. We offer a range of one-on-one training sessions, classes and insurance certificate programs to meet any need.

Our Approach

Our approach is what sets us apart. We offer straightforward, step by step, no-nonsense instruction with an emphasis on reducing anxiety. We understand that mastering your new boat, with all its complex systems and options, may seem daunting at first. We instill confidence by sharing tried and tested techniques in bite size pieces – after all, it’s only the unknown that creates hesitation. We can help you overcome your hesitancy and feel truly empowered to command your yacht on your own, and provide you tools to handle any situation safely and calmly.


One-on-one sessions


On your boat or ours


Only 2 hour minimum


Easy payment options

Commanding Your Boat

Setting expectations and clear communication between captain and crew are key to practicing good seamanship. We start by learning how you want to run your boat – among other questions, we’ll want to know who will primarily act as the captain? It’s ok to share those duties, but there can only be one captain at a time. And does the crew know what to do, and what to expect? We help you set up clear communication so everyone is on the same page. Every vessel and captain/crew dynamic are different – we know how to set you up for success.

Stay calm. Everything is easier when you feel calm and confident.

Whether you’re solo or in a partnership, every skipper should know how to navigate the boat.